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Speaker Presentations Monday 17 October

Speaker presentations have been attached where consent has been given by speakers to allow delegates access to their presentation slides, otherwise links to the contacts page for direct communication with the speaker has been provided as an alternative. 


PLENARY 1 - Australia in the global pharma and biopharma context
Dr Cathal O'Reilly, Managing Director, Centreview Partners, London

PLENARY 2 - Biotechnology Industry Faces an Explosion of Scientific Advancements and a Tsunami of Real World Challenges
Dr Willard H Dere, Senior Vice President, International Chief Medical Officer, Amgen, USA



Medtech - The Future of Health in a Mobile world - An overview of the technology, trends and issues
James Brennan, Business Development Manager, Design + Industry
Dr Arthur Brandwood, Founder & CEO, Brandwood Biomedical
Peter Lewis, GM Business Development, Hydrix

Human Health - Singo-Australian Partnerships: How Chinese and Australian companies integrate and formulate partnerships
Dr Richard Soll, Senior Vice President of Integrates Services, WuXi App Tec, China
Dr Peter French, CEO, Benitec
Dr Janette Dixon, Vice President Global Business Development, QRx Pharma Limited

General - Research as a pipeline for industry
Adjunct Professor Don Bursill AM, Chief Scientist South Australia
Doron Ben-Meir, CEO, Commercialisation Australia
Dr Ian Nisbet, Partner, Afandin Pty Ltd
Dr Jurgen Michaelis, CEO, BioInnovation SA

Investment Business - Good News Stories in Australian Venture Capital
Dr Joshua Funder, Partner, GBS Venture Partners
Liddy McCall, Director, Yuuwa Capital
Dr Paul Kelly, General Partner & Executive Director, OneVentures Pty Ltd
Dr David Fisher, Managing Director, Brandon Capital
Dr Mark Harvey, Partner CM Capital Investment Pty Ltd 


AG Industrial Environmental - The Food Security Challenge
Dr Harvey Glick, Senior Director, Scientific Affairs Asia, Monsanto Singapore
Prof Peter Langridge, CEO, Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics, Adelaide
Prof German Spangenberg, Executive Director, Department of Primary Industries, Biosciences Research Division

Human Health - Capability - cooperative approach to the clinical trial regulatory process
Lisa Nelson, General Manager, Nucleus Network
Dr Suzanne Hasthorpe, Manager Coordinating Office for Human Research Ethics, Department of Health Victoria
Dr Jo Mitchell, Associate Director Research, Ethics & Public Health Training, New South Wales Health
Dr Jane Jacobs, Director Office for Health & Medical Research, Queensland Health
Brendan Shaw, Executive Director Health Policy & Research, Medicines Australia
Kym Short, Clinical Project Manager, AstraZeneca,
Karen West, Senior Director Clinical Operations Asia Pacific, INC Research
Peter Chesworth, General Manager, Department of Innovation, Canberra ACT

General - Successful elements throughout a technology company life cycle
Dr Ben Borson, President, Borson Law Group LLC, United States
Dr David Fuller, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer, INC Research Australia
Dr Leigh Farrell, Vice President Business Development, Biota Holdings Limited

Investment Business - Accessing Equity Capital markets - legal & practical considerations for Australian companies seeking to raise equity capital from Australia, the US and China
Dr Meera Verma, Director Site Operations, Hospira
Eric Boone, Partner, Baker & McKenzie
Trent Donnelly, Director Corporate Finance, EL&C Baillieu Stockbroking Australia 


Medtech - Developing a Robust Regulatory Strategy: Setting the Stage for Success
Dr William K Sietsema, Vice President Global Regulatory Consulting & Submissions, INC Research United States
Dr Rosalie Cull, Managing Director, TudorRose Consulting Pty Ltd
David Harrison, General Manager, Brandwood Biomedical Pty Ltd

Human Health - Tissue Regeneration and Biomaterials
Assoc Prof John Greenwood, Director Burns Unit, The Royal Adelaide Hospital
Prof Robert Short, Director of the Mawson Institute, University of SA
Paul Brennan, Marketing Director ANZ, Healthcare Division, Smith & Nephew Pty Ltd

AG Industrial Environmental - Applications of agricultural biotechnology
Dr Robyn Heath, Senior VP Product Development, Hexima Limited
Dr Justin Coombs, Head of Agriculture, TPI Enterprises
Cameron Turner, Innovation & Commercial Development Manager, UniQuest, University of Queensland
Dr Juan Juttner, Manager Gene Discovery, Grains, Research & Development Corporation

Investment Business - Recent successful trade sale exits in Australian Biotech, a continuing trend?
Dr Stewart Washer, CEO, Calzada Ltd
Matthew Callahan, CEO, iCeutica Inc, United States
Dr John Chiplin, Managing Director, Newstar Ventures Ltd
Matt McNamara, Chief Investment Officer, IB Australian Bioscience Fund
Dr Greg Collier, Managing Director, Barwon Biotechnology
Eugene Ong, Lead Sales Manager, Ansarada

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